Word Associations

“Answer as quickly as possible the first word that occurs to your mind,” said Dr. Carl Jung.

  1. Lobster
  2. Goose
  3. Wall Streetimage
  4. Cheddar Cheese

Hmmmm. And the answer is – this true story (human names changed to protect the innocent and the guilty!) Around 7 PM last night our neighbor came over with her dog Cocky to go swimming in the lake behind our house. She deliberately left her black lab, former champion birddog, Wall Street (aka The Street), at home because while he loves swimming he does not follow her commands.   Five minutes later The Street comes barreling down the driveway with the her “responsible” 11 year old son in tow.  The Street was so excited that he dragged the 11 year old into the lake before he had a chance to let go of the leash.  The Street is 10 (~53 in dog years).  Dad not mom is his trainer but dad was hundreds of miles away.

I was in the house with the back door open and just finishing dinner preparation for my sweetie. So The Street and Cocky are fetching and swimming and the humans are cheering festively. All of a sudden the volume and tone turned loud and agitated. Apparently The Street noticed a goose in the middle of the lake. With determination characteristic of Mark Spitz, The Street dog paddled across the 3/4 mile lake chasing mother goose toward the golf course. Mom fled home, put her golf cart in gear and zoomed over dam, jumped out and burned a path in the links to catch The Street who obviously was more attentive to mother goose than mother human. 11 yo son stayed behind playing with Cocky and fretting about his mom and The Street. Meanwhile in the kitchen my sweetie awaited his ginormous Sam’s Club lobster dinner. Rightly so because it was ready. Any more heat and we would have had an oven fire. My anxiety level went sky high when I looked out the window and saw 11 year old boy on the shore, wet and by himself. Told Sweetie about the boy. He wanted nothing to do with it. I couldn’t leave the 11 yo by the lake without supervision (I was a drowning prevention expert before my spousal caregiving career).  So I threw Sweeties dinner on a plate, ran out the back, got the lowdown, and frantically yelled to the 11 yo to get Cocky out of the water and come to the house. 11 yo yelled at Cocky but Cocky who is skittish just kept swimming back and forth to the shore whimpering. I bolted back in the house and grabbed a 1/2 pound package of Cracker Barrel extra sharp cheddar cheese, breathing heavily and mumbled something to sweetie who frustratingly said, I don’t understand. I didn’t hesitate to explain and dashed to the lake (imagine that). My cockerschnoodle, Chaos, started to howl and squeeze through the 4″ space between the deck balusters because he wanted cheddar cheese. Waving the cheddar cheese and screaming like a shrew finally got Cocky out of the water and coaxed back to the house. Mind you had I listened to 11 yo I should have not even left the kitchen in the first place. Must be all those memories of listening to my sweetie during the past few years that got my adrenalin flowing and disregard 11 yo assurances that he was alright. Mother human returned with The Street, collected 11 yo and Cocky and went home. I finally got to eat dinner around 8 when one of the Bravo Housewives came on TV. Sweetie hates them. Took 2 hours to stop sweating and get Chaos relaxed. As if I needed a reason I topped off the night with a hefty helping of yummy chocolate moose tracks.

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