BATS, VATS, RATS – 3 Ways to Remove a Lung


Find out if there is a way to do any surgery by minimally invasive procedures. The lung surgeon in our capital city was going to do the full blown open chest, break ribs, etc. Someone pleaded for us to contact teaching hospital so I called Duke thoracic surgery department, got a call back the same day, faxed the records and had an appointment in four days. This surgeon does robotic surgery which is less invasive than the minimally invasive surgery that is typically done for lung removal which is called video assisted thoracotomy or VATS. I’m proud to say my hubs had RATS (robotic assisted thoracotomy). I researched RATS and while no compelling data to say RATS is better than VATS in terms of patient recovery, etc. they are both a billion times less traumatic than the butchery (BATS) that was going to be done in our town. He was in ICU for one night, moved to a room and as soon as he could walk around the unit discharged. We went in on 12/27 and out on 1/1. His long term recovery has been phenomenal. On pain meds for a few days and now we have a boatload of vicodon. Just waiting for a drug raid!!

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